User’s guide

This document is intended for users of the DAGMC toolkit who want to better understand all the potential workflows for each Monte Carlo code. UW–Madison has developed several workflows for the Monte Carlo codes it supports. Exactly which workflow suits your needs depends on which codes you expect to use and how much manual data transfer you wish to do.

Feature UW2 Workflow Basic Workflow
Assignment of Metadata M M
MCNP5/6 Tallies A M
MCNP5/6 Materials A M
Fluka Tallies A M
Fluka Materials A M
Geant4 Tallies A M
Geant4 Materials A M
Tripoli4 Tallies N None
Tripoli4 Materials N None
OpenMC Materials A M

N not supported, A automatic production at run time, M manually performed

If you are interested in running your geometry in multiple physics packages with minimal effort, the UW2 workflow will be the best option as it will automate much of the work. However, if you are interested in only a specific physics engine, one of the basic workflows may interest you more. We still would recommend the UW2 workflow as it offers robust and tested methods for material creation.