DAGMC installation overview

This document describes the DAGMC installation process. Before you begin, you should know that the following will be required:

  1. A basic understanding of Unix/Linux shell commands and how to navigate the shell, for installing dependencies and DAGMC enabled codes

  2. MCNP5 or MCNP6 source code, if you intend to install DAG-MCNP5 or DAG-MCNP6

  3. FLUKA, if you intend to install FluDAG

  4. Coreform Cubit for the creation of geometry

Once you have the basic pre-requisite peices in place you can proceed to the DAGMC installation. There are three main steps in the DAGMC installation:

Having completed the 3 stages of DAGMC installation, you will be ready to run DAGMC-based radiation transport calculations. The User’s Guide will guide you through the workflow options available to you.