Running the unstructured workflow for R2S-ACT

Using the unstructured workflow requires only minimal changes. There are two parts to the unstructured R2S-ACT workflow. The first of these is to set the structuredmesh variable in the r2s.cfg file. This will ensure that all the workflow scripts treat the mesh being used as an unstructured mesh. The second is to run photon transport with a MCNP or DAG-MCNP executable compiled with the custom source routine in source_moab.F90.

The above assumes that an unstructured mesh is used in the neutron transport step to create an unstructured mesh tally.

Unstructured mesh tallies

To summarize the setup of an unstructured mesh tally:

  1. Create unstructured mesh in CubIT and save to the default .cub format
  2. Use mbconvert to convert from .cub to .h5m
  3. In the DAG-MCNP input, you need FC and FMESH cards (example follows this list)
  4. Run neutron transport.

Example FMESH card for unstructured tally:

FC4 dagmc inp=mesh.h5m out=mesh.h5m
FMESH4:n  geom=dag
       emesh=(low to high)

Where mesh.h5m is the mesh file created in step 2.

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